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Soft furnishing cleaning service in Banbury

Keeping curtains and rugs spotlessly clean is a constant battle, especially if you have children and pets.

Once dirt, odours or dust get trapped in fabric fibres, you may find them almost impossible to remove. But with Pro-Clean’s professional soft furnishing cleaning service, you’ll notice the difference instantly. Deep dust and dirt is eliminated, leaving vibrant, soft furnishings that smell and feel fresh!

Best of all, if you’re within 30 miles of Banbury, we’ll pop in to take care of it for you in no time – and at a competitive price. Call the Oxfordshire soft furnishing cleaning specialists on 01295 701391 or send us an email today.

Give your curtains a breath of fresh air

As well as trapping dust, curtains easily absorb smells. Even sunshine bakes dirt and dust deep into fabric.

The best way to restore your curtains to their former glory is enlist the help of Pro-Clean. For a more competitive price than you’d pay at other local dry-cleaners, we’ll:

  • Promptly remove your curtains and arrange professional cleaning at a local, reputable dry cleaners
  • Give you expert advice about specific stains
  • Return and hang your curtains for you at no extra charge

Whatever fabric or curtain style, we’ll get them spotless for you!

Why choose Pro-Clean’s rug cleaning service?

A rug enhances your home – when it’s clean. If your rugs are suffering from everyday dirt and spills, we’ll:

  • Gently restore its vibrant colour using specialist equipment and safe cleaning products
  • Remove deep-pile dirt and dust mites that traditional cleaning methods leave behind
  • Apply stain protection so your rug stays cleaner for longer

For hygienic, reliable rug and curtain cleaning in Oxfordshire, email the friendly team at Pro-Clean or give them a call on 01295 701391.