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Carpet Cleaning Blog 4

Welcome to my 4th attempt at writing a blog.  I hope some of you manage to read to the end without falling asleep, and get at least 1 good bit of information while you’re here (if not, feel free to nod off now ). We have made what has turned out to be an excellent… Continue Reading

Carpet Cleaning Blog 3

Welcome to the latest installment from the wonderful world of Pro-Clean.  I apologise for not blogging sooner, but I have been in for an operation to hopefully cure my ‘trigger finger’ on both hands.  This involved a 1 inch cut to the palm of each hand and some fiddling about inside, which I couldn’t see… Continue Reading

Carpet Cleaning Blog 2

Wow, what a busy week it has been for us.  We have completed carpet & upholstery cleaning jobs for 15 different customers in Banbury, Brackley, Deddington, Ufton, Southam, Overthorpe, Hornton and Barford St Michael.  In addition, we have also booked in a job for next Saturday in Abingdon.  We do like to get out and… Continue Reading

Carpet Cleaning Blog

Welcome to the very first official Pro-Clean blog.  I’m relatively new to blogging so please bear with me. I thought a good place to start would be an introduction to my business and the services that we offer. Pro-Clean started life out as Chemclean in 1989, and was run by my brother in law, until… Continue Reading

Upholstery Care

One way to keep upholstered furniture looking its best is regular vacuuming. This helps prevent surface soils from becoming embedded. Spots or stains and other soiling should be cleaned up as soon as possible; it is far easier to clean up spots and spills when they are fresh rather than waiting until they have been… Continue Reading

What to do before your carpets are cleaned

One of the steps most frequently overlooked when it comes to carpet cleaning has nothing to do with the actual carpet extraction process at all. But it has everything to do with what cleaning task should be performed before carpets are cleaned, and that is vacuuming. More than three-quarters of the soil in a carpet… Continue Reading